Barcol impressor hardness tester
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Hardness Tester
Model Kit includes a carrying case, adjusting wrench and 2 spare indenter points.
GYZJ-934-1 The "Standard" with a range of 25 to 50 Brinell (10 mm ball, 500 kg load)
GYZJ-934-1-0-1 exactly the same as 934-1 except different support leg. Used for round surfaces such as round rungs on ladders. Often referred to as "the fire department version."
GYZJ-935 For softer plastic and very soft metals
GYZJ-936 For extremely soft material
Certified Test Disks
Part No.   Use with Model Barcol #
GYZJ-078-100 Calibrated Set of 5 Disks GYZJ-934-1 43-48
GYZJ-250-100 Calibrated Set of 5 Disks GYZJ-934-1 87/89
GYZJ-069-100 Calibrated Set of 5 Disks GYZJ-935 87-89
GYZJ-070-100 Calibrated Set of 5 Disks GYZJ-936 48-50
Non-certified Test Disks
GYZJ-078 Each GYZJ-934-1 43-48
GYZJ-250 Each GYZJ-934-1 87/89
GYZJ-069 Each GYZJ-935 87-89
GYZJ-070 Each GYZJ-936 48-50

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